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Unlocking Your True Path to Intentional Living 

Meet Desi

Whole Health Lifestyle Specialist, Chef & Doula

Whole Health Destiny has truly been alive and well within me for as long as I can remember. I've always been intrigued by the beautiful and magical way the mind body connection works and is influenced by our surroundings. This delicate connection is affected by what we allow into our bodies, our homes and in even our thoughts.

I started young with the knowledge that staying in motion kept me in good spirits. Then came the discovery that doing something as simple as moving my furniture could renew my spirit as well as my decor. It wasn't long after that I came to understand just how large an impact nutrition also had on our overall well-being.

I followed these discoveries to a degree in Culinary Arts, a life of veganism (that has since shifted to Paleo-Pescatarianism), and a life long journey with yoga and meditation.

I am endlessly interested in all the things that allow me to live as holistically, and essentially fuss free, as possible. Once my daughter was born in 2012, my desire to live each day on these terms intensified and Whole Health Destiny moved from something I practiced for myself, to something I wanted to share with the world. 

I am happy to continue on such a rewarding path and excited to be sharing the journey with so many others.  

Meet Desi
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About Whole Health Destiny

Our Story


Whole Health Destiny was founded in 2015 in Newport News, a sweet little town on the banks of the Hampton Roads harbor in southeastern Virginia. We began with a determination to provide not only effective, but also nourishing lifestyle care for our family's ever changing needs. With an understanding that this is a desire for most families, the decision was made to share our services with our community in support of healthy living.


Working with clients as diverse as our offerings, Whole Health Destiny is committed to providing healthy lifestyle choices for those seeking it. By offering a variety of services, we make it easier to achieve your goals and regain your life's balance. 


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